CoverNational requirements for the Intrastat system

This document is primarily aimed at the Providers of Statistical Information (PSIs) within the Intrastat system; it informs on how and what to report, in accordance with the respective national requirements. At the same time it may be of interest to anyone who wants to understand how the Intrastat data collection works, both at national level and between the National Statistical Authorities and Eurostat. [+]

CoverGeonomenclature applicable to European statistics on international trade in goods — 2017 edition

The purpose of this publication is to provide the compilers and users of European statistics on international trade in goods with sound information on the nomenclature used to classify the reporting and partner countries. Besides including the latest version of the nomenclature of countries and territories for the external trade statistics of the Union and statistics of trade between Member States — known as the ‘Geonomenclature’ and abbreviated to GEONOM —, it also contains all the supplementary information that is essential to understand the content of this country classification and the evolution of its codes. A further aim of this publication is to document the geographical and economic areas covered by the trade in goods statistics as disseminated by Eurostat. [+]

Existen 372 barreras comerciales en el mundo, lo que supone un aumento del 10 % en 2016. Los exportadores europeos denunciaron un aumento del 10 % del número de barreras comerciales que sufrieron solo en 2016. A finales del año pasado había 372 barreras de este tipo en más de 50 destinos comerciales en todo el mundo. Los 36 obstáculos creados en 2016 podrían afectar a exportaciones de la UE cifradas actualmente en unos 27 000 millones de euros.

Según el informe sobre los obstáculos al comercio y la inversión publicado hoy por la Comisión Europea, gracias a su eficaz estrategia de acceso a los mercados, la Comisión consiguió eliminar el año pasado nada menos que veinte obstáculos diferentes a las exportaciones europeas. (RAPID, IP/171765, 26.6.2017) 

CoverLegislation on European statistics on international trade in goods

The purpose of this publication is to provide compilers and users of European statistics on international trade in goods with an exhaustive overview of the legal acts laying down the rules to be followed for the data collection, compilation and dissemination. To complete the picture it also addresses the other Union legal acts which impact trade in goods statistics, namely the customs and fiscal legislation. Furthermore it provides useful legislative background information, as well as summaries of the legal acts and short descriptions of their key features. [+] 

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