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Estadísticas Agrícolas 2006-2007

Agricultural Statistics - Main results - 2006-2007.
The pocketbook Agricultural Statistics presents selected tables and graphs providing an overview on developments and the situation in the agricultural sector of the European Union. The most recent data are presented here (reference years 2006 and 2007, mostly) showing the situation in the 27 Member States and at the European level (EU-27). [+]

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Estructuras agrícolas DInamarca 2007

Farm structure in Denmark - 2007.
Statistics in focus. Agriculture and fisheries 80/2008.
This Statistics in Focus is part of a series of country-specific publications on the results of the Farm Structure Survey (FSS) 2007. It provides a brief but nevertheless comprehensive insight into the farm structure in Denmark. 44 618 agricultural holdings were recorded in Denmark in the 2007 Farm Structure Survey (14% less than in 2005).This drop is due to the decrease in the number of all farms under 100 ha. [+]
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Estadísticas de alimentos

Food: from farm to fork statistics.
This pocketbook provides the reader with statistical information on how the food chain evolves in Europe; it gives different indicators for each step of the production-consumption chain, including food and feed. Its aim is to give a summary of the data currently available in the "Food: from farm to fork" database. The outline shadows the approach taken by the European Commission on Food Safety policy, and thus all the indicators presented have been developed with this in mind. This publication may be viewed as a compendium of the data available on food and the food chain within Eurostat. [+]
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