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Lanzamiento de la Asociación Euromentors para Emprendedores Digitales

Lunes, 17 Noviembre 2014 09:42

LogoThe Euromentors Association for Digital Entrepreneurs will be launched at the European Parliament on the 18th of November. It will set up a pan-European mentoring ecosystem to help spark, support and expand new business ideas and fuel Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe. Euromentors will bring together the most renowned organizations supporting digital entrepreneurs in Europe and top mentors in Europe.

Euromentors is supported and co-funded by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enterprise & Industry, as part of its strategy to stimulate Digital Entrepreneurship. This initiative will connect all of those who are focused in making Europe a more entrepreneurial place thanks to mentoring activities such as workshops on how to start a business in the digital era, raising money for your company or which mistakes to avoid in the first steps as an entrepreneur. The event is open to all interested parties. [+]

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