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Rīga and Umeå Capitales Europeas de la Cultura en 2014

Viernes, 10 Enero 2014 09:48

Rīga (Latvia) and Umeå (Sweden) are the European Capitals of Culture in 2014. The cultural programme will officially begin on 17 January in the Latvian capital and on 31 January in Umeå. Rīga will open its festivities with special events at museums, cafes and other venues, including exhibitions on Baltic amber and on the impact of the First World War on culture. In 1989, during the 'Baltic Way' campaign, the people of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania formed a human chain to express their hope for independence from the former Soviet Union. On 18 January, the people of Riga will stand up for culture. Members of the public will recall the events by passing books from hand to hand, from the old National Library to the new building on the other side of the Daugava River. (RAPID, IP/13/1313, 30.12.2013)

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