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Instituto Banco Europeo de Inversiones. Convocatoria de propuestas. El Instituto Banco Europeo de Inversiones propone una nueva beca EIBURS en el marco de su Programa de Conocimiento. Para el curso académico 2020/2021, el programa EIBURS invita a presentar propuestas relativas a una nueva línea de investigación: Impacto de la incorporación de la transversalidad de género en los proyectos de infraestructuras. Datos de un proyecto en el sector del agua en Madagascar. Plazo de presentación de solicitudes:  30 de abril de 2021 | DOUE C 76/06, 5.3.2021

Martes, 23 Febrero 2021 08:18

Stars4Media Call for initiatives 2021

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LogoInnovate your media and cooperate across borders on new solutions for journalism! 

Developed by the media and for the media, and co-funded by the EU, Stars4Media is supporting collaborative initiatives developed by at least two media organisations from two different EU countries. These initiatives should contribute to innovation in new editorial products and formats, emerging technologies or other innovations at the organisational level. Stars4Media Second Edition is the continuation of the first European training programme for media professionals to accelerate innovation and cross-border cooperation. 

Participants are media professionals (mainly young “rising stars”, plus their optional senior mentors), either acting from within a media organisation or as freelancers, collaborating around an innovative idea: a Stars4Media ‘initiative’. Stars4Media ‘initiatives’ and teams must involve a mix of different media profiles: reporters, data journalists, graphic designers, web developers, social media managers, user experience and marketing specialists, data and AI experts, etc. 

Stars4Media ‘Initiatives’ are innovative ideas developed during 4 months by small cross-border and cross-disciplinary teams of media professionals, focusing on one of the three thematic waves: Journalism, Trust and Participation. Media Technology and Marketing. Other Innovations.

If you choose to submit directly a well-developed Proposal for Initiative, there are two deadlines: May 1st 2021, or July 1st 2021. Applicants who will submit by 1st of May will have the opportunity to pitch their idea at the Stars4Media Lab event on June 1st and receive further coaching. One can submit a Proposal just for the July 1st deadline but we encourage early submissions. [+]

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