CoverIntegrating Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Higher Education: National Policies and Measures
OPOCE, 2019. Eurydice Report

This report was planned in the wake of the refugee crisis and aims at assessing to what extent national systems are able to respond to the needs of asylum seekers and refugees in higher education. While there is a strong potential demand for higher education among refugees and many have previously been enrolled in university programmes in their home country, it cannot be taken for granted that this demand is easily met.

This report is divided into two main parts. The first presents a selection of indicators on migratory flows which provide the context for the report. Building on this, the second part offers an overview of policies, strategies and measures that exist across European countries for the integration of asylum seekers and refugees in higher education. Although, in a majority of countries there is no specific policy approach, good practice can be found in a few systems on matters such as recognition of undocumented qualifications, support to language learning, financial support and personal guidance services. [+]

CoverIntegrating Students from Migrant Backgrounds into Schools in Europe: National Policies and Measures
Luxemburgo: OPOCE, 2019. Eurydice Report

This new Eurydice report investigates what top-level education authorities across Europe do to promote the integration of students from a migrant background into schools. It presents a comparative mapping of a wide range of national policies and measures aimed at placing newly arrived migrant students in schools. They also include initiatives addressing the students' language, learning and psycho-social support needs (in the reference year 2017/18).

The report also offers a deeper analysis of some of the measures that can enable schools to welcome students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds and to take into account students’ social and emotional well-being in order to encourage their learning and development. The report focuses on top-level regulations and recommendations covering primary, general lower and upper secondary education as well as school-based initial vocational education and training. [+]

CoverMigrant integration statistics — 2018 edition

This compact guide offers a quick insight into Eurostat’s migrant integration statistics. It presents an overview of the indicators of migrant integration which aim to support the monitoring of the situation of migrants and the outcomes of integration policies. It also provides links to the Migrant Integration website, its database, and to the series of dedicated Statistics Explained articles offering statistical analysis of the most recent results. [+]

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