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The fourth edition of EU Datathon, the open data competition, has been launched on 19 February. This is your chance to demonstrate the potential that open data present in today’s society and, of course, your creativity and talent! It is also your chance to claim your share of the total prize fund amounting to EUR 100 000.

To take part, you should propose the development of an application that links and uses open datasets, of which at least one from the thousands made available by the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. For more detailed information, see the rules of the competition.

Your application is expected to showcase opportunities for concrete business models or social enterprises. It is also expected to find suitable new approaches and solutions to help Europe achieve important goals set by the European Commission through the use of open data. Therefore, it should fit into one of the following thematic challenges:

Challenge 1: ‘A European Green Deal’
Challenge 2: ‘An economy that works for people’
Challenge 3: ‘A new push for European democracy’
Challenge 4: ‘A Europe fit for the digital age’

Submit your proposal with a short description by 3 May

Twelve winning teams (i.e. three teams per challenge) will be shortlisted. If you are among them, you will be invited to develop your application and present it on 13-15 October during the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels, an event that attracts more than 9 000 participants. [+]

Join #EUdatathon2017 now! | Brussels, 16 November 2017

Can you re-use open data to promote innovative services? Can you solve other societal challenges using it? Can you create mobile or web apps using open data from different information sources? If yes, #EUdatathon2017 is for you! This first datathon of its kind promotes re-use of #EUopendata from the EU Open Data Portal (, the central access point to open data made available by the EU institutions, agencies and bodies.

Data teams will be able to demonstrate how open data from public institutions can be used to address specific policy or societal challenges and promote innovative services, reflecting certain priorities of the Juncker Commission. Register your team and make a proposal for an app by 8 October. If your idea is preselected, you'll have 4 weeks until 12 November to develop your idea! Winners will be selected on 16 November during an event in Brussels. Not wanting to hack but simply curious? Just register to attend the event on 16 November.

More information about prizes will follow, but the winning team will have the chance to present their project at the European Big Data Value Forum in Versailles, on 21-23 November 2017, with travel and accommodation expenses paid. The datathon is being organised by the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union together with the Publications Office of the European Union. For more information and registration, see the website. You can also contact us: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.. On social networks? Join the #EUdatathon2017 conversation and follow @EU_opendata  EU Law and Publications. Finally, share this with you people you know! [+]

La Comisión Europea propone hoy un Registro de Transparencia obligatorio que abarque a las tres instituciones de la UE, a saber, el Parlamento Europeo, el Consejo y la Comisión, cumpliendo así un compromiso clave de la Comisión Juncker en materia de transparencia.

La Comisión ya ha dado ejemplo de este compromiso al exigir que, para que los representantes de los grupos de interés puedan reunirse con sus responsables políticos. aquellos estén incluidos en un Registro de Transparencia de carácter público. Instamos hoy al Parlamento Europeo y al Consejo a que den el siguiente paso, haciendo obligatorio el registro de todos los representantes de los grupos de interés que intentan influir en la formulación de políticas en Bruselas.

La Comisión ha propuesto hoy un Acuerdo Interinstitucional (AI) que pondrá en marcha un sistema sólido destinado a garantizar la transparencia de las actividades de los grupos de interés, basándose en el actual Registro de Transparencia voluntario del Parlamento y la Comisión. La Comisión propone que las tres instituciones, incluido el Consejo, se sometan por primera vez a las mismas normas mínimas. Con arreglo a estas propuestas, las reuniones con los responsables políticos en las tres instituciones quedarían supeditadas a la previa inscripción en el Registro de Transparencia. La Comisión introdujo esta norma para sus propias interacciones con los representantes de los grupos de interés en noviembre de 2014, y hay ya alrededor de 4 000 nuevas entradas en el Registro existente.

La propuesta de hoy también clarifica las actividades y organismos cubiertos, refuerza el seguimiento y la aplicación efectiva del Código de Conducta del Registro de los grupos de interés, y simplificará y mejorará la calidad de los datos que deben introducirse, racionalizando los requisitos aplicables y aumentando el control de calidad. La Comisión propone aumentar los recursos disponibles para alcanzar este objetivo. Las personas inscritas en el Registro que no cumplan el Código de Conducta podrían enfrentarse a una suspensión temporal de sus interacciones con las instituciones o a la cancelación de su inscripción en el Registro. (RAPID, IP/16/3163, 28.9.2016)

The Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE) is a 6-month incubator for open data entrepreneurs across Europe. The programme is funded with a €7.8m grant from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and is delivered by the seven partners featured below. ODINE aims to support the next generation of digital businesses and support them to fast-track the development of their products. We are already championing the best of European digital talent and look forward to more outstanding companies to incubate.
During the 6-month incubation period our SMEs get mentorship, in-house support, dedicated events, media promotion and access to an international network. Additionally, we foster the wider open data ecosystem by providing a number of resources such as training material, tools and reports. The topics covered are very broad, from how to use open data, tips to starting a business or where to find office space. [+]

Comunicación sobre la posición del Consejo sobre la adopción de un Reglamento por el que se establecen medidas relativas al acceso a una internet abierta y por el que se modifican la Directiva 2002/22/CE, relativa al servicio universal y los derechos de los usuarios en relación con las redes y los servicios de comunicaciones electrónicas, y el Reglamento 531/2012 relativo a la itinerancia en las redes públicas de comunicaciones móviles en la Unión (COM(2015) 489 final, 2.10.2015)

The Commission is also launching a new Cohesion Policy open data platform to support the reinforced results focus, to increase transparency and to promote debate on the performance of Cohesion Policy funding. Users can explore Report data with a range of interactive maps and charts and submit comments.
Through Cohesion Policy funding, the EU invests approximately €50 billion each year in economic development at the national and regional level (around 34% of the total EU budget). These investments are designed to help Member States and regions reach the Europe 2020 goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
In order to increase transparency and to promote debate on the performance of EU funding, this open data platform provides information about the investments made and the results obtained (as well as contextual data on the socio-economic situation in each EU country). The figures concerning the outputs of EU Cohesion Policy Operational Programmes are based on reports provided to the Commission by Member States. The data can be reused free of charge, provided that you acknowledge the source (see legal notice). Comments on the data presented here and suggestions of additional datasets are welcome. [+]

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