CoverSustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Smaller Cities and Towns: Topic guide
European Platform on Sustainability Urban Mobility Plans, 2021

Sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) is a strategic and integrated approach to dealing with the complexity of urban transport. Across Europe, local authorities and their private operating partners are striving to create sustainable solutions for passenger transport and freight that foster accessible, safe and affordable mobility, while aligning with European Green Deal emissions reduction objectives.

As part of the SUMPs-Up project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020, Rupprecht Consult has compiled a Topic Guide, “Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Smaller Cities and Towns”. This guide applies the SUMP Guidelines to the planning realities of smaller cities and towns. It aims to support cities with a population of less than 100,000 that are much less likely to develop Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans than their larger counterparts and are also underrepresented in good practice databases and the community of experts. This indicates that they face specific challenges and need a dedicated guidance document for this target group. [pdf]

La Comisión Europea ha presentado hoy su «Estrategia de movilidad sostenible e inteligente» junto con un plan de acción consistente en 82 iniciativas que guiarán nuestro trabajo durante los próximos cuatro años. Esta estrategia sienta las bases para que el sistema de transporte de la UE pueda conseguir su transformación ecológica y digital y sea más resiliente ante futuras crisis. Como se indica en el Pacto Verde Europeo, el resultado será una reducción del 90 % de las emisiones de aquí a 2050, que se logrará mediante un sistema de transporte inteligente, competitivo, seguro, accesible y asequible. | RAPID/20/2329, 9.12.2020

CoverPeople on the move — Statistics on mobility in Europe — 2020 edition

People in today’s Europe are on the move much more than ever before. This mobility can be viewed from many angles, as there are many reasons for moving: migration, education, work or tourism… This digital publication People on the move — Statistics on mobility in Europe shows the latest figures on these movements of people in Europe in many different ways, with a focus on people and not on goods.

Throughout the publication, brief descriptions of the main findings are completed with interactive visualisations, where you can compare your country with other countries. This publication is aimed at those who would like to have an overview of migration trends, working and studying abroad, transport and tourism in the EU in an easy and interactive way. [+]

Mañana empezará a aplicarse el Reglamento de la UE sobre la homologación y la vigilancia del mercado de los vehículos de motor. Adoptado en mayo de 2018, el nuevo Reglamento revisa a fondo y endurece considerablemente el sistema anterior de homologación de tipo y de vigilancia del mercado. Mejora la calidad y la independencia de la homologación de tipo y los ensayos de los vehículos, aumenta los controles de los automóviles que ya están en el mercado de la UE y refuerza el sistema general con una mayor supervisión europea. | RAPID, IP/20/1530, 31.8.2020

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