CoverEuropean business statistics compilers’ manual for PRODCOM – 2024 edition

The EBS compilers’ manual for PRODCOM statistics provides methodological guidance and practical information to the data compilers, on how to compile statistics on the production of manufactured goods carried out by enterprises on the national territory of the reporting countries. It contains in addition to the methodology, detailed information on the data requirements, data collection, data compilation, data transmission and Eurostat’s validation services, metadata reporting and dissemination of PRODCOM data. This second edition presents up-to-date information and complies with the Commission Implementing Regulation EU 2020/1197 (EBS Regulation).

CoverEnergy consumption decomposition analysis on EU-27 and EU-27 members – 2023 edition

Decomposition energy efficiency: Paving the road to sustainability using energy monitoring The imperative of monitoring energy consumption is clear. Decomposition analysis stands out as a crucial method, allowing us to distinguish real energy efficiency gains from other external factors.

The project achieves several goals, by shedding light on and facilitating the analysis of decomposed energy consumption. Firstly, this report outlines a comprehensive methodology for future decomposition analysis, including how to choose appropriate datasets. Secondly, it examines the factors affecting energy consumption in various sectors within each EU-27 nation and the EU-27 as a whole, enabling comparisons of energy use between countries. In doing so, it also tackles potential data challenges, thus shaping future energy data policies. The findings offer significant contributions to the fields of national statistics, methodological applications, and energy data analysis.

CoverEuropean business statistics compilers' manual for international trade in goods statistics – trade by invoicing currency – 2024 edition

This compilers’ manual is meant to serve as a practical reference document for all National Statistical Authorities involved in the compilation of EU statistics on trade in goods by invoicing currency (TIC). As such, it provides the necessary definitions and practical instructions regarding the preparation and transmission of TIC data to Eurostat.

CoverMigration and asylum in Europe – 2023 interactive edition

The interactive publication ‘Migration and asylum in Europe’ presents European statistics on migration and asylum. It delves into different aspects such as mobility of people within the EU, migration to and from the EU, the different drivers of migration, people seeking asylum, and many more. This publication offers short texts and interactive visualisations with which you can compare the EU countries through different indicators. Organised into four sections – population diversity, protection and asylum, irregular migration and return, and skills of migrants – the publication provides valuable insights into migration and asylum in Europe.

CoverEnvironmental taxes – A statistical guide – 2024 edition

This guide provides a framework and practical recommendations for establishing environmental tax statistics. It offers harmonised terminology, concepts, classifications and rules. The guide also offers help to compilers on data sources and methods and on the interpretation of indicators.

CoverSNAPSHOT – User manual for quick and reliable assessments – 2023 edition
A public domain good to build performant statistical systems and strengthen statistical cooperation

The ‘SNAPSHOT’ user manual is specifically crafted for those who will be responsible for completing the ‘SNAPSHOT’ assessment questionnaire. Its purpose is to provide you with clear and comprehensive guidance to aid in understanding the assessment process and the process of filling out the tool. The manual explains the purpose of the assessment questions and elucidates how to use the guiding notes. The ultimate goal is to foster coherent and comparable assessments across multiple countries.

‘SNAPSHOT’ is a user-friendly and innovative statistical tool developed by Eurostat that provides a concise assessment of the maturity of a statistical system and the quality of key indicators. DG INTPA kindly supported its latest edition.

CoverGuide to statistics in European Commission development cooperation – 2023 edition

The “Guide to statistics in European Commission development cooperation” provides extensive information on statistics in development cooperation, presenting key international initiatives supporting partner countries in building sustainable statistical systems that produce quality statistics.

The Guide can be used to identify and develop actions to support statistics and statistical indicators to define and follow-up cooperation programmes, including sector policies. It provides insight into the statistics in a wide range of specific sectors, from agriculture to social statistics, from sustainable development indicators to business statistics.

The 2023 edition of the Guide compiled in one single publication the four volumes of the previous edition for easier reference and updated the chapters related to economic statistics. It should be noted that this is the sixth edition of the Guide, the previous ones being released in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017 and 2021.

CoverQuality report on national and regional accounts – 2023 edition

This document presents Eurostat’s assessment of the quality of the national and regional accounts data submitted by Member States, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland in 2022. It also includes information on the quality of key European aggregates published by Eurostat. The quality report contains the seventh assessment of results since the start of data transmission according to the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) on 1 September 2014. In general, data sent in 2022 were in line with the ESS quality standards and the ESA 2010 Regulation and Member States have shown improvements in complying with the data requirements and methodology.

CoverEuropean business statistics compilers guide for European statistics on international supply of services by mode of supply – 2023 edition

The ‘EBS Compilers Guide for European statistics on international supply of services by mode of supply’ provides methodological guidance and practical information to the data compilers, on how to compile of statistics on the international supply of services by modes of supply. The guide builds upon the manual for statistics on international trade in services (MSITS 2010) and is the result of collaborative work between several countries and international organizations (WTO, OECD, UNSD) participating in the Eurostat Task Force on Modes of Supply. The term “international supply of services” appears for the first time in the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) in 1995. The GATS defines the supply of services on the basis of the location of the supplier and consumer at the time when the transaction takes place and describes it as ‘the supply of a service through four modes of supply’. This extended dimension of international trade in services matters greatly from a trade policy perspective, as market access conditions vary among the four ways of supplying services internationally.

CoverEuropean business statistics user’s manual for PRODCOM – 2023 edition – re-edition

This second edition manual seeks to serve statistical experts and users alike as a comprehensive reference to the PRODCOM statistics built upon the Commission Implementing Regulation EU 2020/1197 (EBS Regulation). It provides an overview of the production of manufactured goods carried out by enterprises on the national territory of the reporting countries while highlighting the features introduced by a new regulatory framework. Mainly, the manual describes the PRODCOM classification, PRODCOM dataset and its dissemination. The PRODCOM team in consultation with national experts drafted this document. The manual was made accessible with a new cover design in January 2024.

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