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W3 Funcionariado de la Comisión Europea

Viernes, 24 Noviembre 2006 12:02

Too often, the Commission is described as a faceless bureaucracy, an army of anonymous 'eurocrats' in Brussels, with a mission to make life complicated. The reality is very different and the new portal website lifts the veil on the people who make up the Commission Civil Service: who they are and what they do. For the first time, information on the Commission Civil Service is accessible through a single entry point, which helps European Citizens to find their way through the wealth of information at their disposal on the EUROPA website. It is one of the first of a new generation of thematic websites to help citizens find their way through the information jungle. The site is one of the many initiatives taken to make the EUROPA website more accessible, in line with the Action Plan to improve communicating Europe by the Commission. Under this Action Plan thematic portals should move beyond the Commission's DGs and services so that anyone interested can, with just one click, get an overview of a subject from all the institutions (RAPID, IP/06/1577, 17.11.2006).

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