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Toi d'Europe, What do you think of the European Union of Tomorrow?

Miércoles, 27 Mayo 2020 09:53


The journalistic project Toi d'Europe created in 2017 by two french girls: Mathilde is a Consultante and Sophie is a Journalist. We went already inside 23 EU countries to interview young citizens to know their expectations for the future of the EU. We interviewed more than 300 citizens between 18 - 35 years old. The goal of this voluntary project is a documentary and a web-documentary. The documentary - Toi d'Europe, What do you think of the European Union of Tomorrow?  shown the last year in different European cities. We have a website where we are doing article and a Youtube channel (we are doing one video by country because we want to inform about each EU country). 

We are beginning a new step on our project Toi d'Europe ! We are currently working on a new video series : Covid19 crisis viewed by young Europeans. We want to interview young citizens from the EU in order to understand the situation of the covid19 in all the European countries, what they think about the reaction of the EU and the future of the union after this crisis. All the interviews will be done by skype. [+]

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