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Eurostat abre una nueva sección estadística dedicada al COVID-19 

Miércoles, 06 Mayo 2020 10:18

BannerIn order to respond to the demands for information arising from the current crisis, we have launched a new dedicated section on our website, bringing together in one place a wide range of statistics and data published by Eurostat related to COVID-19.

In this section, we cover a range of topics related to the economy, society and work, population and health as well as agriculture, energy, transport and tourism. For each of these topics, we show our latest releases, provide an interactive data visualisation to explore the figures, guide you to more in depth information in Statistics Explained articles and link to relevant datasets from our database.

These can give you a baseline against which the impact of the crisis on European societies and economies can be measured, provide a wider background or help you to see the evolution of the crisis. [+]

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