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Regions and Cities Illustrated (Visualizing Statistics Tool)

Viernes, 11 Octubre 2019 10:46

BannerComparando datos estadísticas de regiones y ciudades de modo sencillo (nueva herramienta)

Eurostat offers a wide range of web tools to make it easier to visualise statistical results. Showing data at a regional and local level is often a challenge, as the information available is vast and difficult to condense. That is why we have developed a tool called 'Regions and cities illustrated' to help you have an overview of the situation in your region compared to other regions in the EU in 2018 and over time. The visualisation tool is based on a live data feed, so it is continually using the latest data. It contains maps, graphs and an animated timeline together with separate tabs for regions, cities and territorial typologies. The two main scoreboards are inter-connected, so when you select a geographical area in the map it is also highlighted in the graph. You can now also customise the tool to suit your needs. [+]

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