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Cities4Europe, Europe for Citizens

Martes, 09 Enero 2018 10:46

LogoAt a time when Europe is striving to retain its legitimacy and relevance in the face of growing disillusionment and Euroscepticism, cities can provide a critical link with citizens. Cities are crucial in shaping the future of Europe, as EUROCITIES already demonstrated in the successful ‘Mayors’ summit on the future of Europe’ in March 2017. By mobilising our network of over 140 Europe's largest cities, that between them govern 130 million citizens across 39 countries, we now want to take the next step and actively demonstrate what citizens and cities can do and are already doing at local level to co-create our future. Throughout May 2018, ‘Cities4Europe - Europe for citizens’ will showcase successful local initiatives that engage citizens, present ideas for new forms of democracy and map out a positive, common future. By looking at answers together with their citizens, cities will have the opportunity to show their commitment to co-creating societies where people come first, and where trust between citizens and public authorities is strengthened.

Our campaign will come alive through various activities in our member cities - from art exhibitions to youth assemblies, from (social) media campaigns to public debates. ‘Cities4Europe – Europe for Citizens’ will kick-off in early May 2018 with a series of actions in all participating cities. A dedicated website will feature interviews with leading European personalities, news linked to the campaign and showcase local and transnational activities. Cities4Europe – Europe for Citizens’ wants to inspire cities and other levels of government, including the EU institutions, to pursue mechanisms and tools that engage citizens in policy making, strengthening new forms of democracy across Europe. [+]

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