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La Unión Europea lanza el Marcador Europeo de Movilidad

Viernes, 09 Diciembre 2016 11:51


Which countries in Europe provide clear information and guidance to prospective mobile students? Do they support the participation of disadvantaged learners in mobility programmes? Have students been well prepared for mobility by learning languages at school? Can they take national grants and loans to study abroad? And will credits and qualifications that they gain abroad be recognised?

Today, the European Commission launches its Mobility Scoreboard, developed to follow up on the 2011 'Youth on the Move' Recommendation of the Council of the European Union promoting the learning mobility of young people. The purpose of the Mobility Scoreboard is to provide a framework for monitoring progress made by European countries in promoting, and removing obstacles to, learning mobility. Mobility helps students grow academically and socially, with positive repercussions for their future employability. It also has a positive impact on education systems and institutions, pushing them to have a more open, international outlook, and improving quality.

The Mobility Scoreboard has been jointly developed by Eurydice (EACEA), for higher education, and CEDEFOP, for initial vocational education and training (IVET). A common online platform features dynamic maps that allow the user to understand at a glance the policy environment for learning mobility in Europe. [+]

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