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Find-eR, la nueva web de la Biblioteca de la Comisión Europea

Lunes, 25 Abril 2016 08:40

I have just come across a new website from the European Commission Library which I hadn't spotted before. Find-eR at is on Europa (Documents and publications>Libraries and archives). It replaces ECLAS and provides better links to full text where libraries have a subscription. Here is the description from the website: Use Find-eR to explore the print and electronic collections of the European Commission libraries. Most library resources are now available online: full-text articles, ebooks, and databases. Find-eR stands short for Find electronic Resources. Find-eR expands the coverage of the previous database ECLAS.

What's new in Find-eR compared to ECLAS? Find-eR gives you access also to electronic articles and other e-publications. Check out the list of databases to see what is available to search in Find-eR!. [+]

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