Reglamento 234/2014 del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 11 de marzo de 2014, por el que se establece un Instrumento de Colaboración para la cooperación con terceros países (DOUE L 77/77, 15.3.2014)

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Reglamento 233/2014 del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 11 de marzo de 2014, por el que se establece un Instrumento de Financiación de la Cooperación al Desarrollo para el período 2014-2020 (DOUE L 77/44, 15.3.2014)

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Reglamento 230/2014 del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 11 de marzo de 2014, por el que se establece un instrumento en pro de la estabilidad y la paz (DOUE L 77/01, 15.3.2014)

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Jueves, 27 Febrero 2014 00:00

La UE y sus ciberasociaciones

Patryk Pawlak
The EU and its (cyber) partnerships
ISS. Institute for Security Studies Briefss # 9. March 2014

The benefits of an open and accessible internet for growth and development have been acknowledged on numerous occasions. But as the potential of the digital economy for fostering innovation and creating new business opportunities grows, so too do the difficulties with protecting it. In February 2014, the EEAS presented the Friends of the Presidency on Cyber Issues with a Food for Thought Paper (‘Further Strengthening European Cyber Diplomacy’). According to the document, ‘the EU and its Member States should be in a position to present a coherent and comprehensive suite of policies which keep pace with the ever shifting international landscape, taking into account the strategic policy goals of other actors in the field’
. [+]

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Viernes, 14 Marzo 2014 16:23

UE y ciberdefensa: un trabajo en progreso

Neil Robinson
EU cyber-defence: a work in progress
ISS. Institute for Security Studies Briefss # 10. March 2014
The EU’s cyber defence agenda provides an opportunity to ask questions about what the EU could do in terms of setting security priorities. Furthermore, as a possible area for cooperation, cyber defence shares with military air logistics the peculiarity of being a common capability which does not require explicit war-like conditions to demonstrate its utility. Indeed, the diversity and complexity of the threat environment – coupled with challenges of attribution – suggests the opposite: military cyber defence capabilities might offer better value for money in peacetime rather than in times of war. [+]

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Eurostatistics - Data for short-term economic analysis - Issue number 03/2014
Eurostatistics - Data for short-term economic analysis - shows the evolution of the economic activity in the European Union, euro area and Member States. This monthly review gives a synthetic picture of the macroeconomic situation in the recent past. It is based on Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs), complemented by some business cycle indicators. [+]

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CoverTowards a Common Validation Policy - An ESS.VIP project for mutual benefits
Data validation is the process which ensures the compliance of the final data with the required quality, mainly in its components of accuracy, coherence and comparability. The objective of the ESS.VIP Validation project is to put in place a coherent validation policy in the different statistical domains across the ESS to achieve a maximum efficiency in a fully coordinated production chain, thereby leading to higher quality ESS data. To achieve its goals, the project will pay special attention to communication and integration to define a production chain with clear attribution of responsibilities, standard definitions, guidelines and common validation approach, syntax and solutions to be shared within the ESS. [+]

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