Foreign Direct Investment in Brazil, Russia, India and China.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 111/2007.
In 2005, the EU-25 invested EUR 25 bn in the BRIC countries, which is 5% down on 2004 (EUR 27 bn). The share of BRIC to extra-EU-25 outflows dropped from 20 % in 2004 to 15 % in 2005. For the same year, China and Russia were the main destinations of EU-25 FDI outflows to the BRIC countries. EU FDI in the BRIC countries was more profitable than FDI in extra-EU as a whole for 2001-2004. [+]

Rusia a cidobRussia and the European Union: a Keystone Relationship by Irina Kobrinskaya.
Documentos CIDOB Europa. Núm. 6. 25 pp.
ISSN: 1886-2837 (online edition).

June 24 2009 marked 15 years of formalized partnership and cooperation between the European Union and Russia. Since then EU-Russian relations had gone through a number of stages. From time to time it is questioned whether a new agreement is achievable and necessary at all. Most recently, - and this might be true for future cooperation - the wider, new global (G-20) or continental formats may turn most adequate to answer new challenges and threats. Though more self-confident, Russia is still in the process of building a new national identity, accompanied by the paroxysms of nationalism and xenophobia, “sovereign democracy” deviations in domestic affairs, moderate oscillations in the choice of foreign partners, rather often – excessive assertiveness. All that in no way makes Moscow an easy partner for the 15 years-long road led the partners from mutual illusions, misevaluations, even ignorance and disappointments to more realistic, pragmatic and simultaneously more tough approaches. The majority of experts agree that the key points and problems of the common Russia-EU agenda remain the same: the energy sphere, common neighborhood and European security. Though the problems of perception and self-perception remain a substantial element of the dialogue –or rather its deficit- the pressure of the globalizing economy, finance and security, in particular in the period of the crisis, puts the EU and Russia in front of a choice, formulated by Joschka Fisher as ‘confrontation or difficult partnership’. [+]

Viernes, 27 Noviembre 2009 10:45

La operación de seducción de Moscú

Superadas las tensiones causadas por la caída del imperio soviético y habiendo dejado atrás los acontecimientos del 11 de septiembre, el momento parece propicio para el acercamiento entre Europa y Rusia. Este acercamiento, que se ve favorecido por el relativo desinterés de Estados Unidos y la ausencia de puntos de conflicto significativos, se viene produciendo con pragmatismo y, a menudo, por iniciativa del Kremlin. (PressEurope, 27.11.2009)

The European Union and Russia - Statistical comparison.
The tables in this publication allow the reader to make a broad comparison between the situation of the European Union and Russia. The publication is jointly produced by Eurostat and Rosstat on the basis of data from these two organisations as well as on the basis of data from the Higher School of Economics of Russia. It contains an overview chapter, highlighting energy statistics. Further to this, statistics are given which compare the development of both regions during 1995-2005, such as population & labour market, living standards, economy & finance, agriculture, communication, science, trade etc. The statistical tables and graphs are accompanied by descriptive texts. [+]

At the EU-Russia Summit today Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, Benita Ferrero-Waldner and the Russian Minister for Regional Development, Viktor Basargin, signed the Financing Agreements for five cross-border co-operation programmes (CBC). These financing agreements are central to the implementation of cooperation programmes between the border regions of the European Union and Russia. The programmes have a total budget of approximately €437 million until 2013, and are funded by different sources: European Commission (€267 mio), Member States (€67 mio) and the Russian Federation (€103 mio). The co-financing by the Russian Federation confirms the spirit of partnership at the core of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI). (RAPID, IP/09/1727, 18.11.2009)

Surplus in EU trade in services with BRIC countries in 2006.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 40/2008.
The document presents the EU international trade in services with BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China (including Hong Kong)). The analysis covers the period 2004-2006. A detailed breakdown of services items is also available. The document illustrates the statistics concerning trade in services with BRIC as a whole as well as with individual countries. [+]

Jueves, 12 Noviembre 2009 13:22

El influyente lobby de Gazprom

Son jefes de gobierno, actuales o antiguos, comisarios europeos, presidentes ejecutivos de los grupos energéticos nacionales. Todos ellos mantienen relaciones privilegiadas con el gigante energético ruso, cuyos intereses y proyectos defienden en Bruselas en detrimento de las iniciativas europeas. En Bruselas, les llaman los “gazpromianos”.

Foreign Direct Investments in Brazil, Russia, India and China more than doubled in 2007.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 64/2008.
In 2007, the EU-27 invested EUR 43 bn in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China (Hong Kong included)), an increase of 58 % on 2006 (EUR 27.3 bn), with the BRICs' share of extra EU-27 outflows remaining stable at 10 %. For the same year, Russia was the main destination of EU-27 FDI outflows to the BRIC countries. EU FDI in the BRIC countries was more profitable than FDI in extra-EU as a whole for 2003-2006. [+]
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