La Comisión Europea, el Parlamento Europeo y el Consejo han alcanzado hoy un acuerdo provisional sobre la propuesta de la Comisión de crear una Autoridad Laboral Europea (ALE). El presidente Juncker anunció por primera vez la creación de una Autoridad Laboral Europea en septiembre de 2017. Este nuevo organismo de la UE apoyará una movilidad laboral justa en el seno de la UE, de forma que los ciudadanos y las empresas puedan aprovechar las oportunidades que ofrece el mercado único, al tiempo que apoyará la cooperación entre las autoridades nacionales, en particular para prevenir y combatir el fraude social y los abusos.  (RAPID, MEMO/19/852, 14.2.2019)

CoverQuality report of the European Union Labour Force Survey 2016 — 2018 edition

The purpose of this quality report is to provide the users of the European Union Labour Market Statistics with a tool for assessing the quality of these statistics which are based on the European Union Labour Force Survey. It provides a brief description of the survey and a summary of the main quality indicators which are: relevance, accuracy, accessibility and clarity, timeliness and punctuality, comparability, and coherence. The quality report is updated annually. [+]

CoverLooking for immigrants in the European Labour Force Survey and the EU census: a comparison based on the 2011 figures

This paper provides an overview on the differences and similarities in the characteristics of intra-EU foreign-born populations according to the EU Census and EU Labour Force Survey for the same reference year, 2011. The objective of the analysis is to establish whether it is possible to update the more structural information in the EU Census with the more timely data available in the EU Labour Force Survey. The conclusion is that the current situation is not favourable to combining the two data sources as although data comparability is rather good at an aggregated level, this is much less the case when different breakdowns are analysed. Therefore, it is recommended that best practices on capturing, in a sample, the foreign-born population are shared among Member States so that the foreign-born population can be analysed by its multiple facets. [+]

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