Quality Report of the European Union Labour Force Survey 2006 The purpose of this quality report is to provide the users of the European Union Labour Market Statistics with a tool for assessing the quality of these statistics which are based on the European Union Labour Force Survey. It provides a brief description of the survey and a summary of the main quality indicators which are: relevance, accuracy, accessibility and clarity, timeliness and punctuality, comparability, and coherence. The quality report is updated annually. [+]
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Informe Mercado Laboral 2007

Labour Force Survey in the EU, Candidate and EFTA countries - Main characteristics of the 2007 national surveys. The present report describes the main characteristics of the Labour Force Surveys in the then 25 Member States of the European Union, the four Candidate Countries and three EFTA countries in 2007. All of the Countries provide Eurostat with LFS micro-data for publication. The aim of this report is to provide users with the means to accurately interpret the LFS results by providing information regarding the technical features of the Labour Force Surveys carried out in these countries.  [+]
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