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CoverLabour market policy – expenditure and participants, Data 2011 - 2014 edition
Labour market policy (LMP) statistics provide information on labour market interventions implemented by the EU Member States and Norway. This publication presents data on public expenditure and participants (or beneficiaries) of LMP interventions in 2011. In addition, tables with time series for the years 1998-2011 are included, showing LMP expenditure at constant price levels as well as participant data by age and sex. [+]

Martes, 14 Agosto 2007 09:38

Empleo temporal por sexos

Men and women employed on fixed-term contracts involuntarily.
Statistics in focus. Population and social conditions 98/2007.
Almost 15% of women employees and around 14% of men were employed in jobs with fixed-term contracts in the EU as a whole in 2005. A significant proportion of these worked in fixed-term jobs because they could not find a permanent job. The focus here is on the women and men concerned, on their relative numbers, their age, the activities and occupations in which they are employed and the typical duration of their contracts of employment. [+]

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