Maritime transport of goods – 4th quarter 2008. Data in focus. Transport 41/2009. The main results from quarterly statistics available on maritime transport of goods are presented: gross weight of goods handled in the main European ports, by type of cargo, direction, reporting country and various partner maritime geographical areas. Results are also presented for individual "top" European ports. Data cover the EU-27, Croatia, Iceland and Norway.  [+]
In 2007, EU-27 Short Sea Shipping continued growing but at a slower rate. Statistics in focus. Transport 58/2009. Short Sea Shipping, as covered by this publication, deals with the transport of goods between ports in the EU-27, Croatia and Norway, on the one hand, and ports situated in geographical Europe, on the Mediterranean and Black Seas on the other hand. Results are broken down by sea regions (Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, etc.) and by type of cargo. Results are also presented for the main ports.  [+]
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