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Industria manufacturera 1995-2003

Manufacturing industry 1995-2003.
Statistics in focus. Environment and energy 16/2006.

This Statistics in Focus describes and interlinks greenhouse gases emissions with economic and structural statistics in the EU15, Poland and Norway by industry. The focus of this publication concerns the manufacturing industry and its sub-sections within the National Accounting Matrix including Environmental Accounts (NAMEA). The data source is stemming from the national accounts, and questionnaires managed by Eurostat Environment statistics unit. [+]

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Empresas en la Unión Europea 2006

European Business - Facts and figures - 2006 edition - Data 1995-2005.
The new edition of European business - Facts and figures gives a comprehensive picture of the structure, development and characteristics of European business and its different activities: from energy and the extractive industries to communications, information services and media. It presents the latest available statistics from a wide selection of statistical sources describing, for each activity, production and employment, country specialisation and regional distribution, cost structures, productivity and profitability, the importance of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), external trade etc. The accompanying CD-ROM presents the paper publication in an easily accessible electronic format, including all the data, graphs and tables in Excel-format. It also contains more complete, detailed datasets on which the publication is based, a means of easily accessing the most up-to-date live data, as well as a large amount of background information. [+]

The EU-27 construction sector: from boom to gloom.
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 7/2010.

Construction activities in the EU-27, as recorded by NACE Rev. 1.1 Section F, provided employment to an estimated 14.8 million persons in 2007 (some 11.5 % of the non-financial business economy workforce), while generating an estimated EUR 562 billion of value added (9.3 % of the non-financial business economy’s total value added).

Manufacturing of optical, medical and other precision instruments in the EU.
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 51/2007.

Manufacturing of medical, optical and precision instruments is a quite diverse industry. With over 90000 enterprises in the EU, the industry employs a million persons and generates a value added of EUR 51 billion. Important R&D efforts yield numerous patent applications, which assure obtaining or maintaining a competitive technological advantage. [+]

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Relaciones empresariales por sectores

Inter-enterprise relations in selected economic activities
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 57/2007.

This Statistics in Focus presents the first results of an ad hoc survey on relationships between enterprises outside the normal customer/supplier relations. It analyses the extent, scope, effects and trends in relationships between enterprises in six EU Member States and across 21 economic activities, as well as the motivations for and barriers to engaging in such relations. The impact on firms' competitiveness is perceived as being very strong. [+]

The impact of foreign-controlled enterprises in the EU.
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 67/2007.
Foreign-controlled enterprises accounted for 18 % of the value added, but less than 1 % of the number of enterprises in the 14 Member States for which data are available. They were most important within the manufacturing sector. More than 60 % of their value added could be attributed to enterprises in other Member States, while enterprises from the US accounted for 25%. [+]
EU-27 business services: thriving in the wake of outsourcing and liberalisation.
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 76/2007.
Business services are a driver of the knowledge-based economy and a potential provider of new jobs in the future. Due to increased outsourcing more enterprises use service providers for non-core professional activities. Greater international market openness and the European Services Directive should provide business services with further strengths on the international stage. This publication shows the size, structure and evolution of the sector with detailed information on turnover by type of product, and client and on exports. [+]
Recommendations Manual on the Production of Foreign AffiliaTes Statistics.
The Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EC) on the structure and activity of foreign affiliates as the regulatory framework for the provision of foreign affiliates statistics (FATS) will enter into force in 2007. The Regulation will make sure that in future harmonised inward and outward FATS data will be available. This EUROSTAT FATS recommendations manual, as called for in article 7 of the regulation, will play a crucial role in the compilation process. It provides the definitions and guidelines for national compilers which are the indispensable precondition for obtaining FATS which can be added together to produce meaningful EU-wide aggregates. To make sure that the manual is not only in line with the rules in the FATS Regulation but also meets the needs and realities national compilers face in practice, it has been thoroughly discussed in various meetings of the FATS joint working group. [+]
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