CoverForeign AffiliaTes Statistics (FATS) - Recommendations Manual
The Regulation (EC) No 716/2007 of the European Parliament and the Council (EC) on the structure and activity of foreign affiliates as the regulatory framework for the provision of foreign affiliates statistics (FATS) was adopted in 2007. The main objective of Regulation (EC) No 716/2007 is to establish a common framework and statistical quality standards for the systematic production of comparable statistics on foreign affiliates.
Article 2 of the FATS Regulation provides definitions of the statistics on foreign affiliates where Inward statistics on foreign affiliates (Inward FATS) shall mean statistics describing the activity of foreign affiliates resident in the compiling economy and Outward statistics on foreign affiliates (Outward FATS) shall mean statistics describing the activity of foreign affiliates abroad controlled by the compiling economy.
The Eurostat FATS Recommendations Manual, as called for in article 7 of the regulation, plays a crucial role in the compilation process. It provides the definitions and guidelines for national compilers which are the indispensable precondition for obtaining FATS which can be added together to produce meaningful EU-wide aggregates. To make sure that the manual is not only in line with the rules in the FATS Regulation but also meets the needs and realities national compilers face in practice, it has been thoroughly discussed in various meetings of the FATS joint working group. This third edition of the manual is derived from the second one published in September 2009 and replaces it. [+]

COVERESSnet projects - 2012 assessment report
Eurostat has commissioned an overall scientific assessment of recently finished ESSnet projects (and projects for which substantial deliverables have been provided). To summarise the evaluation findings: “A tendency of fragmentation of ESSnet projects is still visible. Introduction of a smaller number of larger projects might help in might help in solving the issue.” [+]

CoverEU-27 construction activity falls by 16 % from its pre-crisis high by the second quarter of 2011 - Issue number 61/2011
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 61/2011
The impact of the financial and economic crisis on construction in the EU
The EU-27’s construction activity accounted for 6.0 % of GDP in 2010 and generated EUR 655 388 million of added value. This publication provides data on short-term business statistics (STS) for construction over the period 2000-2011. It shows that the financial and economic crisis had a deep negative impact in most Member States, with construction activity more than halved in Latvia, Lithuania and Ireland, while Poland and Sweden were the only Member States where construction activity continued to grow during the crisis. [+]

CoverKey figures on European business - with a special feature on SMEs. 2011 Edition
This publication summarises the main features of European business and its different activities in a concise and simple manner. The publication is intended to function as a showcase for and introduction to the data available in this field. This edition includes a special feature section on SMEs, which presents an analysis of the different characteristics of micro, small, medium and large enterprises. [+]

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