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Actividad portuaria en Europa en 2009

CoverEuropean port activity in 2009 hit by the general economic crisis
Statistics in Focus. Transport 65/2010.
The main results from statistics available on maritime transport of goods and passengers are presented: (1) gross weight of goods handled in European ports, by type of cargo; (2) number of passengers embarked and disembarked; (3) traffic of vessels. Estimates of transport of goods and passengers by port of origin/destination (national, intra-EU, extra-EU) are illustrated. Results are presented for individual top European ports in terms of gross weight of goods, volume of containers and number of passengers.

CoverMaritime transport of goods. 4th quarter 2009
Data in focus. Transport 44/2010.
The main results from quarterly statistics available on maritime transport of goods are presented: gross weight of goods handled in the main European ports, by type of cargo, direction, reporting country and various partner maritime geographical areas. Results are also presented for individual "top" European ports. Data cover the EU-27, Croatia, Iceland and Norway. [+]

CoverEU-27 trade of goods with ACP countries: a slight trade surplus in 2009.
Statistics in Focus. General and regional statistics. External Trade 52/2010.
South Africa remains the main trading partner by a comfortable margin, but at a lower level in absolute terms.
The overall trade in goods (sum of imports and exports) between the EU and the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) was valued at EUR 111.0 billion in 2009. This represents a decrease of 23.0% compared to 2008. The persistent trade deficit the EU had for nearly a decade turned into a trade surplus (EUR 3.6 billion). South Africa remains the most important partner among the ACP group, in terms of EU-27 imports (27.8%) and exports (28.0%). Nigeria and Angola follow at a considerable distance. [+]

CoverIllustrated Glossary for Transport Statistics - 4th edition.
The present fourth edition is the result of continuing valuable cooperation between three organisations (Eurostat, UNECE and ITF), that - through the action of the Intersecretariat Working Group (IWG Trans.) - have put a sustained effort into meeting the need to harmonise transport statistics at the international level. The Glossary now comprises 735 definitions and represents a point of reference for all those involved in transport statistics. By following the guidance contained within these definitions, a considerable contribution will be given to the improvement in both the quality and comparability of the data. [+]

CoverTransport of goods by road has stopped decreasing in the second half of 2009.
Statistics in focus. Transport 39/2010.
Competitiveness in EU road freight transport.

European road freight’s decline is levelling off. However, in the fourth quarter of 2009, it remained 3% below its level in the corresponding quarter in 2008 for national transport and 2% down for international transport. Road freight prices have been under pressure since peaking in the third quarter of 2008. In the fourth quarter of 2009, they were 2% below their level in the corresponding quarter of 2008. A number of new Member States invested heavily in road freight transport in 2005-2007. Turnover and employment continued their growth in 2008. New Member States tightened their grip on the European cross-trade market in 2008. Poland accounted for 23% of the EU total cross-trade, followed by the Czech Republic and Slovakia with 9% each. Hauliers in Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were the cabotage leaders. However, hauliers in the new Member States increased their share of the cabotage market. Cabotage also began to creep into the transport markets of some of the new Member States. [+]

CoverShort Sea Shipping of Goods 2008
Data in focus. Transport 26/2010
Short Sea Shipping, as covered by this publication, deals with the transport of goods between ports in the EU-27, Croatia and Norway, on the one hand, and ports situated in geographical Europe, on the Mediterranean and Black Seas on the other hand. Results are broken down by sea regions (Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, etc.) and by type of cargo. Results are also presented for the main ports. [+]

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