CoverManual on Government Deficit and Debt – Implementation of ESA 2010 – 2022 edition

This new 2022 edition of the Manual is an updated version of the edition published in August 2019. In the current edition, at least one chapter or section of all parts has been amended in substance (see full list of amendments in the preface of the Manual), except Part 5 Sale of assets. In addition, the following new texts were introduced: section 2.6.4 Statistical recording of the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) associated flows; chapter 3.5 Capital injections into foreign direct investment; chapter 4.6 Securitisation of non-performing loans with government guarantees; chapter 4.8 Recording of loans not expected to be fully repaid; sub-section Energy Performance Contracts; chapter 8.5 On-lending from supranational entities. As usual, this edition is the result of a collective work under the supervision of Eurostat, in cooperation with experts representing EU Member States and other international institutions.

CoverQuality report on National and Regional Accounts — 2020 data — 2021 edition

This document presents Eurostat’s assessment of the quality of the national and regional accounts transmitted in the year 2020 by the EU Member States, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, and information on Eurostat’s publications of European aggregates. The quality report contains the fifth assessment of results since the start of data transmission according to the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) on 1 September 2014. In general, data sent in 2020 were in line with the ESS quality standards and the ESA 2010 Regulation, and Member States have shown improvements in complying with the new data requirements and methodology. [+]

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