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Government finance statistics - Summary tables.
The tables in this publication present government finance statistics (GFS) data by Member State, and for the EU25 and Eurozone. The GFS presentation shows, in an integrated way: government revenue, government expenditure, government deficit, transactions in assets, transactions in liabilities, other economic flows, and balance sheets. It gives a clear picture of the links between these data. The publication is intended primarily for national governments, Central Banks, economic analysts and academics with an interest in government finance, though could also be of interest to the wider public. Other publications on the same subject: Eurostat Manual on Government Deficit and Debt, Structure of Taxation systems in the EU and GFS website. The value-added in comparison with other publications is to give an overview of government finances from several angles with consistency information. The publication covers an 11-year period (1996-2006). [+]

Financial Turmoil: its impact on quarterly government accounts.
Statistics in Focus. Economy and finance 5/2010.

In recent years Eurostat has significantly expanded the range of integrated quarterly data available on government finances, providing a timely and increasingly high quality picture of the evolution of government finances in the EU. These data now reflect non-financial, financial and debt aspects, and cover all countries in the European Union. This publication examines the main features of these data as they reflect the lead-up to and stages on the economic and financial crisis, based on data transmitted by Member States at the end of September 2009. This publication complements the SiF recently published which provides an in-depth analysis of quarterly non-financial accounts (number 93/2009).

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