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CoverGovernment finance statistics - Summary tables - 2/2013 - Data 1997-2012
The tables in this publication present government finance statistics (GFS) data by Member State, for the EU-28, for the EU-27, for the euro area and for Iceland, Switzerland and Norway. The GFS presentation shows, in an integrated way: government revenue, government expenditure, government deficit, transactions in assets, transactions in liabilities, other economic flows, and balance sheets. It gives a clear picture of the links between these data. The publication is intended primarily for national governments, Central Banks, economic analysts and academics with an interest in government finance, though could also be of interest to the wider public. Other references on the same subject are for example: Eurostat Manual on Government Deficit and Debt, Taxation trends in the European Union and GFS website. The value-added in comparison with other publications is to give an overview of government finances from several angles with consistency information. The publication covers data since 1997. [+]

In the second quarter of 2013, the EU-27 seasonally adjusted government deficit decreased
Statistics in focus 25/2013.
Eurostat regularly publishes seasonally adjusted and working day adjusted quarterly data on government revenue, expenditure and surplus (+)/ deficit (-); this is currently done for thirteen Member States and the EU aggregates. This publication is based on data transmitted to Eurostat at the end of September 2013 and includes data coverage of the second quarter of 2013. [+]

In the first quarter of 2013, euro area and EU-27 seasonally adjusted government deficits decrease
Statistics in Focus. Economy and Finance 21/2013
In the first quarter of 2013, the seasonally adjusted general government deficit to GDP ratio was -3.5% in the euro area (EA-17) and -3.8% in the European Union (EU-27). In the previous quarter it was -3.7% in the EA-17 and -4.2% in the EU-27. In 2013Q1 EA-17 and EU-27 general government total revenue amounted to 46.5 % and 45.3 % of GDP respectively, while total expenditure amounted to 50.0 % and 49.1 % of GDP. [+]

Upward trend in the EU government debt level continued in 2012
Statistics in Focus 20/2013

Structure of government debt in Europe in 2012
In order to analyse the debt structure in European countries, Eurostat produces an annual survey collecting Member States' information on debt by holder, instrument, maturity, currency of issuance, as well as guarantees granted by the government to non-government units. This article examines the main results of the latest questionnaire, fully or partly completed by 25 countries. [+]

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