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Panorama del turismo en la Unión Europea 1995-2004

Miércoles, 04 Octubre 2006 18:18

Panorama on tourism. 2006 Edition.

The Panorama is the first edition of this kind of publication on tourism. It consists of tables and graphs with short analysis and includes a CD-ROM containing more detailed tables. This CD-ROM (English/French/German) has been published for several years under the title 'Tourism Statistics Yearbook". The Panorama gives an overview on tourism in Europe and describes what tourism is about in the EU Member States, Candidate and EFTA countries. It focuses on general facts in tourism that remain stable over time. This includes recent trends, the tourism behaviour of Europeans and details on tourism in the EU countries. The period from 2000 to 2004 and the year 1995 are covered. [+]

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