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SNAPSHOT. Manual de usuario para evaluaciones rápidas y confiables – Edición 2023

Miércoles, 20 Diciembre 2023 11:48

CoverSNAPSHOT – User manual for quick and reliable assessments – 2023 edition
A public domain good to build performant statistical systems and strengthen statistical cooperation

The ‘SNAPSHOT’ user manual is specifically crafted for those who will be responsible for completing the ‘SNAPSHOT’ assessment questionnaire. Its purpose is to provide you with clear and comprehensive guidance to aid in understanding the assessment process and the process of filling out the tool. The manual explains the purpose of the assessment questions and elucidates how to use the guiding notes. The ultimate goal is to foster coherent and comparable assessments across multiple countries.

‘SNAPSHOT’ is a user-friendly and innovative statistical tool developed by Eurostat that provides a concise assessment of the maturity of a statistical system and the quality of key indicators. DG INTPA kindly supported its latest edition.

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