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Cifras clave de la cadena alimentaria europea. Edición 2023

Miércoles, 06 Diciembre 2023 10:03

CoverKey figures on the European food chain – 2023 edition

Key figures on the European food chain provides a selection of recent data from the domains of agriculture and fisheries statistics, as well as the wider farm to fork chain. The publication is divided into ten chapters, providing facts and figures about farms, farmers, farm production and prices, the economic performance of the agricultural sector, fisheries activities, food and beverages processing, trade, distribution, wholesale activities and the consumption of food and beverages. It concludes with a chapter on environmental issues related to some of the stages of the food chain. It presents key messages for the EU, and highlights the main players and key specialisations, accompanying analysis with intuitive visualisations and innovative data presentations. Information is presented for the European Union (EU) and its Member States, and is supplemented (when available) with data for EFTA members.

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