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Guía sobre métodos multilaterales en el Índice Armonizado de Precios de Consumo. Edición 2022

Viernes, 22 Abril 2022 09:57

coverGuide on multilateral methods in the Harmonised Index on Consumer Prices (HICP) — 2022 edition

Scanner data are increasingly used in the calculation of the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP). Multilateral methods are index compilation methods that have certain advantages over more traditional methods when scanner data are used.

Multilateral methods have been applied for many years for making price comparisons across space (e.g. between different countries or regions), and they have been adapted to make comparisons across time. The aim of this guide is to promote the use of multilateral methods for scanner data and to support countries in understanding and implementing multilateral methods in the context of the HICP. Guidance and recommendations are provided on the various steps needed to implement multilateral methods. This guide may be useful for compilers and users to become familiar with these methods, and for statistical offices to decide how to process scanner data. [+]

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