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Cifras clave de las empresas europeas. Estadísticas ilustradas. Edición 2021

Viernes, 26 Marzo 2021 11:04

CoverKey figures on European business — Statistics illustrated — 2021 edition

This first edition of Key Figures on European Business — Statistics Illustrated provides visualisations and innovative data presentations supported by concise texts and can be viewed as an introduction to European business statistics.

The publication presents a selection of key business statistics indicators for the European Union, the Member States and the EFTA countries. It starts with an overview, followed by more detailed analyses on four specific parts of the business economy — industry, construction, distributive trades and other non-financial services, and ends with a chapter on tourism. Each of these four chapters focusing on different parts of the business economy starts with an overview of the economic structure and continues with information on annual developments through to 2020. This publication also provides an initial review of COVID-19 impacts for different parts of the business economy. [+]

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