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Geonomenclatura de las estadísticas empresariales europeas aplicable a las estadísticas europeas sobre el comercio internacional de mercancías

Martes, 02 Marzo 2021 10:26

CoverEuropean business statistics geonomenclature applicable to European statistics on international trade in goods — 2021 edition

The purpose of this publication is to provide the compilers and users of European statistics on international trade in goods with sound information on the nomenclature used to classify the reporting and partner countries. Besides including the latest version of the nomenclature of countries and territories for the external trade statistics of the Union and statistics of trade between Member States — known as the ‘Geonomenclature’ and abbreviated to GEONOM —, it also contains all the supplementary information that is essential to understand the content of this country classification and the evolution of its codes. A further aim of this publication is to document the geographical and economic areas covered by the trade in goods statistics as disseminated by Eurostat. [+]

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