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Determinantes salariales en la Unión Europea. Datos de la Encuesta de Estructura de Ingresos (SES 2014). Edición 2020

Lunes, 30 Marzo 2020 10:29

CoverWages determinants in the European Union — Evidence from Structure of Earnings Survey (SES 2014) data — 2020 edition

This publication analyses the impact of the different characteristics of the employee (age, occupation, etc.) and of its employer (industry, size) on wages, throughout the European Union. The study is based on regression techniques applied on microdata taken from the Structure of Earnings Survey 2014, which gathers harmonized information from 240 000 enterprises and 11 million employees working across the 27 Member States. Regression coefficients provide information on how the different labour markets reward the different characteristics of the job tenant and how the different types of businesses compete in terms of wages offered to their employees. By crossing job characteristics with sex, this analysis also sheds light on possible gaps between the financial returns on education, part-time work etc. offered to men versus women. [+]

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