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La UE27 y tu [infografía multimedia]

Viernes, 13 Marzo 2020 11:50


How many women and men of your age were born in the country they currently live in? How many of them are employed? In what type of building do they live? Find out with our interactive visualisation tool “You in the EU”. The tool provides you with the possibility to compare various aspects of your way of life not only with men and women of your age in your country, but also with the EU27 average and other EU Member States. “You in the EU” consists of quiz-like questions about the life of European citizens on 3 different themes: me & my life, me & my living conditions and me & my work. Before you start, you have to select your country, your gender and your age group, which will be used as a basis for comparison.

Have fun comparing the way of life in the EU 27 (also available in French and German).

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