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Gente en movimiento. Estadísticas sobre movilidad en Europa. Edición 2019

Martes, 09 Julio 2019 08:58

CoverPeople on the move — Statistics on mobility in Europe — 2019 edition (Digital Edition)

People in today’s Europe are on the move much more than ever before. This mobility can be viewed from many angles, as there are many reasons for moving: migration, education, work or tourism… This digital publication People on the move — Statistics on mobility in Europe shows the latest figures on these movements of people in Europe in many different ways, with a focus on people and not on goods. 

Throughout the publication, brief descriptions of the main findings are completed with interactive visualisations, where you can compare your country with other countries. This publication is aimed at those who would like to have an overview of migration trends, working and studying abroad, transport and tourism in the EU in an easy and interactive way. [+]

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