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Guía de estadísticas de la cooperación al desarrollo de la Comisión Europea

Jueves, 17 Agosto 2017 11:46

CoverGuide to statistics in European Commission development co-operation

The “Guide to statistics in European Commission development cooperation” provides extensive information on statistics in development cooperation, presenting key international initiatives supporting developing countries in building sustainable statistical systems that produce quality statistics. It explains the ‘statistical machinery’, covering the organisation, functioning and products of national statistical systems, as well as key international quality frameworks and principles.

It presents tools for assessing statistical systems, strategic plans for developing statistical institutions, management of national projects/programmes in the field of statistics, training, as well as different aspects of statistical capacity building.

The Guide can be used to identify and develop actions to support statistics and statistical indicators to define and follow-up cooperation programmes, including sector policies. It provides insight into the statistics in a wide range of specific sectors, from agriculture to social statistics, from sustainable development indicators to business statistics.

It presents a summary of EU support to statistics, including issues such as requests for support to statistical capacity building, indicators to feed result-based management tools, monitoring development partnerships or assessing the performance of policies and interventions. [+]

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