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EURONA. Revista de Eurostat sobre cuentas nacionales e indicadores macroeconómicos 1/2017

Lunes, 03 Julio 2017 09:15

CoverEURONA. Eurostat Review on National Accounts and Macroeconomic Indicators. Issue No 1/2017

EURONA is an open access, peer reviewed, scholarly journal dedicated to National Accounts and Macroeconomic Indicators. EURONA aims at providing a platform for researchers, scholars, producers and users of macroeconomic statistics to exchange their research findings. This first issue of 2017 includes articles on the measurement of output growth and inflation across space and time, the use of national accounts from the 17th century till present, the processing of scanner data for consumer price indices and the use of big data for macroeconomic nowcasting. [+]

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