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Desarrollo sostenible en nuestra vida cotidiana. Una guía para los ciudadanos. Cifras para el futuro

Martes, 22 Noviembre 2016 10:12

CoverFigures for the future — Sustainable development in our everyday life — A guide for citizens

‘Leave nobody behind’, the central ethos of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), guides Anne through her new project on sustainable development. Once again she is investigating whether the EU has moved towards sustainable development over the past 10 years, this time in the context of the SDGs. Based on indicators provided by Eurostat, she tries to find out how relevant the SDGs are in the European context.

‘Figures for the future’ is a statistical guide to the EU sustainable development indicators in the context of the SDGs. It communicates statistical figures as seen through the eyes of a fictional 21-year-old student, Anne. Anne aims to find answers to many questions that relate to our everyday life and our future. What does it mean to be poor in Europe? How do we treat nature and our natural resources? Will there be jobs for young people like her? What about quality of life?

These and many other questions are answered while Anne is writing a blog on sustainable development as part of her Young Women in Journalism scholarship. She links events in her everyday life to the SDGs, and looks into the statistics behind. [+]

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