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Estadísticas comercio internacional e inversiones UE-EE.UU 2002-2013

Viernes, 11 Septiembre 2015 09:15

EU and US form the largest trade and investment relationship in the world
Statistics in focus 2/2015

USA-EU - international trade and investment statistics 
This article focuses on recent trends in European Union (EU) trade with the United States in goods and services and in foreign direct investment (FDI). The EU–United States (US) economic relationship accounts for a large share of global trade in goods and in services. They are each other’s main trading partners in goods and services, and together they have the largest bilateral trade relationship in the world. Either the EU or the United States is the largest trade and investment partner for almost all other countries in the global economy. The two economies also provide each other with their most important sources of foreign direct investment. [+]

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