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Estadísticas agrícolas. Países del Norte de África y del Oriente Medio 2014

Jueves, 03 Julio 2014 11:27

Agriculture statistics - North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean
Agriculture in the ENP-South countries: largely determined by climatic conditions and influenced by cultural values
Statistics in focus 11/2014

Agriculture remains important in most of the ENP-South countries; less by its contribution to the gross value added of the national economy but rather as a source of employment. Linked to the topographic characteristics and the prevailing climatic conditions, the share of land used for agriculture is generally low, except for Tunisia (see Table 1).
The livestock reflects cultural traditions and is dominated by sheep. Morocco and Egypt are the main producers of cereals, although harvested quantities vary substantially according to annual rainfall. Moreover, Egypt is an important producer of fresh vegetables; its production in terms of weight corresponds to more than a third of the total European Union (EU) production. [+]

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