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Anuario Estadísticas Regionales 2006

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Regions: Statistical yearbook 2006.
The 2006 edition of Regions: Statistical yearbook covers the 254 regions of the 25 EU Member States, defined by level 2 of the Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS 2003), and the 14 statistical regions in the candidate countries Bulgaria and Romania. The publication contains chapters on population, GDP, household accounts, labour market, labour productivity, urban statistics, science, technology and innovation, structural business statistics, health, transport and agriculture. New this year is the chapter on labour productivity. The regional diversity of Europe is shown in the form of maps and graphs, commented by texts. A CD-ROM contains the data series used to draw the maps, the PDF versions of each of the three language editions of the yearbook and documentation on the NUTS 2003 nomenclature.

European Union foreign direct investment - Yearbook 2006 - Data 1999-2004.
Foreign direct investment (FDI) plays a key role in the globalisation process and is an important element affecting international relations. An international investment is classified as FDI when at least 10% of the capital of the target enterprise is acquired. The publication provides detailed data on EU - FDI for recent years, for both EU FDI abroad and FDI into the EU. It provides an overview of the position of the EU in World FDI and a comparison with the US. For EU FDI abroad, a particular focus is put on EU FDI in emerging countries. Finally, FDI data with major partners are detailed according to the kind of activity in which the investment takes place. Data focus on the EU as whole and, to a lesser extent, on the Member States. [+]

Panorama on tourism. 2006 Edition.

The Panorama is the first edition of this kind of publication on tourism. It consists of tables and graphs with short analysis and includes a CD-ROM containing more detailed tables. This CD-ROM (English/French/German) has been published for several years under the title 'Tourism Statistics Yearbook". The Panorama gives an overview on tourism in Europe and describes what tourism is about in the EU Member States, Candidate and EFTA countries. It focuses on general facts in tourism that remain stable over time. This includes recent trends, the tourism behaviour of Europeans and details on tourism in the EU countries. The period from 2000 to 2004 and the year 1995 are covered. [+]

Key figures on European Business - with a special feature section on SMEs - Data 1995-2005.
This publication summarises the main features of European business and its different activities in a concise and simple manner. It includes a special feature section on SMEs, which presents an analysis of the different characteristics of micro, small, medium and large enterprises. The publication is also intended to function as a showcase for and introduction to the data available in this field. The focus is on structural business statistics: both the more traditional business statistics which are disseminated regularly, but also specific information compiled on a multi-yearly basis and the latest results from development projects on topics of key political interest.

CoverMethodological manual for statistics on the information society.
The methodological manual is drawn up as a tool for helping national statistical institutes (NSI) to implement the Community surveys concerning individuals and enterprises and the information society, with emphasis on the survey 2006. It is a hands-on tool with recommended guidelines to follow a harmonised methodology and does not replace statistical handbooks. Annexes with the Eurostat model questionnaires, the transmission formats and the reporting templates as well as the legal background documents are included. The concept is to use it as a rolling document, which will be adapted and improved in line with the annual revision of the Eurostat model questionnaires. [+]

Manufacture of glass, ceramics and cement in Europe.
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 21/2006.

The manufacture of glass, ceramics and cement (NACE 26) provided jobs to 1.5 million people and generated EUR 69 billion in value-added in the EU-25 in 2003. This was respectively 1.4 % of the total number employed and 1.5 % of total value-added in the non-financial business economy as a whole. Manufacture of cement and concrete was the largest sub-sector. Energy costs accounted for six percent of the operating costs. Small and medium sized enterprises (1-249 persons employed) employed more than 63 % of the workforce and 53% of EU-25 value added in this sector.

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Clasificación actividades educativas

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Classification of learning activities - Manual.
Methods and nomenclatures. Population and social conditions.

CLA is intended to cover all types of learning opportunities and education/learning pathways. It is intended to be universal in nature, applicable in countries irrespective of their level of development or systems of education and learning. It is designed to serve as an instrument for compiling and presenting comparable statistics and indicators on learning activities both within individual countries and across countries. It covers all intentional and organised learning activities for all age groups. CLA is to be applied to statistical surveys to collect quantitative information on different aspects of participation of individuals in learning. The CLA has been designed to cover and serve the scope of the European Union Adult Education Survey (AES). However, other EU household surveys (e.g. LFS, TUS, etc) as well as specific enterprise surveys (e.g. CVTS) may use it if it is adequate for their needs. [+]

PortadaMEDSTAT - Euromediterranean statistics 2005.
Pocketbooks. General and regional statistics. Presentation of main socio-economic indicators for Mediterranean countries. Last up-date of general interest data in the framework of actions to launch the MEDSTAT programme at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration.

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Europa en cifras 2006

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Key figures on Europe - Statistical pocketbook 2006 - Data 1995-2005.
Key figures on Europe - Statistical pocketbook 2006 has the objective of providing users with a balanced set of statistical data about the economic and social development of the European Union. The presentation largely follows the statistical themes of Eurostat's dissemination database. Data are generally provided for the European Union (EU-25), the Euro-zone and the EU Member States. When available and appropriate, data are added for Candidate countries, EEA/EFTA countries, Japan and the United States. [+]

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European Union international trade in services - Analytical aspects - Data 1996-2004.
This publication concerns EU international transactions in services between 1996 and 2004, and is divided into two parts. The first part is analytical and gives the most recent portrait of European Union (EU-25, EU-15) international transactions. It highlights the main trends of EU trade in services in 2004 and underlines the results of the EU with its main partner zones. The second part presents statistics on international trade in services of the EU-25 and EU-15 with partner World, Extra-EU-25/EU-15, Intra-EU-25/EU-15, Canada, the United States and Japan, for the main services items and 44 items of internationally tradable services. The period covered is from 1996 to 2004. Statistics are also available for 2004 on the geographical breakdown (in relation to 50 countries and partner zones and 17 items) of services of the EU-25, the EU-15, Norway, the United States and Japan. [+]

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