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Government finance statistics - Summary tables.
The tables in this publication present government finance statistics (GFS) data by Member State, and for the EU25 and Eurozone. The GFS presentation shows, in an integrated way: government revenue, government expenditure, government deficit, transactions in assets, transactions in liabilities, other economic flows, and balance sheets. It gives a clear picture of the links between these data. The publication is intended primarily for national governments, Central Banks, economic analysts and academics with an interest in government finance, though could also be of interest to the wider public. Other publications on the same subject: Eurostat Manual on Government Deficit and Debt, Structure of Taxation systems in the EU and GFS website. The value-added in comparison with other publications is to give an overview of government finances from several angles with consistency information. The publication covers an 11-year period (1996-2006). [+]

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Relaciones empresariales por sectores

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Inter-enterprise relations in selected economic activities
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 57/2007.

This Statistics in Focus presents the first results of an ad hoc survey on relationships between enterprises outside the normal customer/supplier relations. It analyses the extent, scope, effects and trends in relationships between enterprises in six EU Member States and across 21 economic activities, as well as the motivations for and barriers to engaging in such relations. The impact on firms' competitiveness is perceived as being very strong. [+]

The regional dimension of road freight transport statistics.
Statistics in focus. Transport 62/2007.

The main goal of this SiF is to present the result of EUTRA project. The maps present the NUTS 2 regions in the relation to goods transport journeys which started or ended at their territory. The top 20 EU 25 regions with the longest average journey length (based on arrivals and departures) are presented. One map deals with cross boarder traffic ratio. [+]

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Panorama de la energía 2007

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Panorama of Energy.
This first edition of the Panorama on Energy endeavours to deliver global characteristics of the energy situation in Europe, using the most recent official data available in Eurostat. It covers the main energy themes for EU-25 as well as for each individual Member State and quantifies them. Community energy policies receive deserved attention and in order to demonstrate the dynamic nature of the subject and how new policies call for new solutions, a few statistical projects will illustrate recent development work in cooperation with the Member States. A CD is included which, apart from a substantial amount of documentary information, invites the reader to review statistical data by means of an easy-to-use numerical presentation tool. [+]

Trends in road freight transport 1999 - 2005.
Statistics in focus. Transport 27/2007.

This Statistics in Focus describes the main trends in road freight transport up to 2005. The analysis focuses on the developments since 1999. The analysis is carried out for national, international, cross-trade and cabotage transport.

Private household income in the European Union regions, 2003
Statistics in focus. General and regional statistics, Economy and finance 25/2007.
This Statistics in focus analyses the structure of private household income in the European Union in 2003. Data on Romania have been integrated as well. The analysis focuses on a comparison among the regions for the year 2003. In addition mid-term developments are illustrated by way of a comparison of the situation with the year 1998. [+]

Rail transport accidents in the European Union in 2004-2005.
Statistics in focus. Transport 34/2007.

The aim of this publication is to analyse the rail accident data of years 2004 and 2005, received under the Regulation 91/2003. Analyses will focus on the types of accidents and categories of victims. Some indicators are calculated by comparing the number of victims with traffic and passenger transport performances in different Member States. [+]

Tax revenue in the EU.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 31/2007.
This SIF presents data on taxes and social contributions collected in the European Union, as provided to Eurostat in the ESA95 transmission table 9 ('Detailed Tax and Social Contribution Receipts by Type of Tax and Social Contribution and Receiving Sub-Sector'). It briefly analyses the level and structure of tax and social contributions in the EU in 2005 and the trends in the period 1995-2005. [+]

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EU International Trade in Services in 2005.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 29/2007.

The document analyses the EU trade services in 2005 in terms of its main partners and items. It covers the periode 1999-2005. The main data sources are Eurostat and IMF. The document is aimed to all interested in trade in services. In addition to data it gives some explanations of trends observed. It is related to Eurostat news release 168/2006 of 21/12/2006. [+]

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