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Comercio exterior con países ACP 2006

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EU-27 trade with ACP countries 2006.
Statistics in focus. External trade 73/2007.

This publication relates to the EU27 trade with ACP countries in 2006. It contains an analysis of the European Union's exchanges with ACP countries and the trend of these trade flows between 2000 and 2006. It focuses on the main partners and on the main products traded. The main source for the statistics is Eurostat's Comext database on trade in goods. [+]
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Edad de jubilación hombres y mujeres

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The transition of women and men from work to retirement.
Statistics in focus. Population and social conditions 97/2007.
The age at which women and men are entitled to draw a full retirement pension is similar in most European countries, varying between 60 and 65 for women in nearly all countries and between 62 and 65 for men. However, the age at which women and men actually withdraw from the labour market into retirement varies much more markedly across Europe and in most cases is well below the official age. The aim of this Statistics in Focus is to estimate the ages concerned. [+]
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Empleados en ciencia y tecnología 2006

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Highly qualified workers in science and technology.
Statistics in focus. Science and technology 103/2007.
Highly qualified workers in science and technology (HRSTC) are active stakeholders in the development of knowledge and technical innovation. Across the EU, there has been dynamic growth in HRSTC employment in the last five years. In 2006, 34 million tertiary educated persons were employed in an S&T occupation, most of them as professionals. The highest share of HRSTC is found in the education sector. The share of young HRSTC is growing fastest in Cyprus and in Poland. [+]
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Estadísticas sector servicios 2007

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Value and volume measures within the services sector.
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 93/2007.

This publication analyses the first results received by Eurostat pertaining to services producer price indices. Prices indices can be used as deflators, and as such they are compared with alternative price measures. For a number of selected activities, the volume measures derived from the deflation of services turnover with these price indices are compared with available data on the volume development. [+]
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Informe mercado laboral 2006

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European Union Labour Force Survey. Annual results 2006.
Data in focus. Population and social conditions 10/2007.
This publication presents the main annual results of the EU Labour Force Survey for the EU-27, for all Member States, EFTA and Candidate Countries. Indicators presented in this publication are: employment rates, part-time employment as share of total employment, average usual hours worked for full-time and part-time job, share of employees with temporary contracts, employed people by economic aticity and by occupation, youth unemployment ratio. [+]
Martes, 24 Julio 2007 08:14

Estadística del petroleo 2008

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Oil Economy 2006.
Data in focus. Environment and energy 13/2007.

This publication comprises monthly cumulated data on crude oil and petroleum products for the years 2004 to 2006, as well as evolution trends. It covers all aspects of the supply side - primary production, imports and exports, gross inland consumption. Also, oil energy dependency data by Member State, as well as for the European aggregates EU 27 and euro area are presented. [+]

European electricity market indicators of the liberalisation process 2005-2006.
Statistics in focus. Environment and energy 88/2007.
The publication on indicators of the liberalisation process in the electricity market of the EU and Norway gives details of the degree of market opening in October 2006, an overview of the electricity market structure as well as of imports and exports in each country in 2005. [+]
Innovative enterprises and the use of patents and other intellectual property rights.
Statistics in focus. Science and technology 91/2007.
Intellectual property rights (IPR) are the link between innovation, inventions and other intellectual creations and the market. Innovative enterprises tend to make more use of intellectual property (IP) protection. Both enterprise size and economic sector play an important role in whether a firm chooses to protect its intellectual property. In Europe, there is no marked trend over time in the use of protection methods but rather a complex pattern of change in each country and for each method. [+]
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Estadísticas agrícolas 2005-2006

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Agriculture. Main statistics 2005-2006
The pocketbook Agricultural Statistics presents selected tables and graphs providing an overview on developments and the situation in the agricultural sector of the European Union. The most recent data are presented here (reference years 2005 and 2006, mostly) showing the situation in the 27 Member States and at the European level (EU-27 and EU-25 aggregates). More particularly, this edition provides a good insight into the complete results of the Farm Structure Survey conducted in 2005. Country reports were published regularly on the Eurostat website under the form of 'Statistics in Focus' as soon as the data were available at Eurostat. This publication is the only one showing the results at the European level. [+]

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