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Consumidores en Europa 1999-2006

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Consumers in Europe. Facts and figures on services of general interest. 2007 edition.
This publication brings together the most relevant and useful information for the evaluation and development of consumer policy. The material includes data from various sources including EUROSTAT, other Commission services as well as other surveys and studies. This edition focuses on services of general interest. Although the prime objective of this publication is to help policy-makers at the European level to better understand the needs of consumers in general, the publication should also be of use to other stakeholders interested in consumer affairs, such as consumer organisations, other public authorities and even suppliers of goods and services. This is the third edition of a series of publications. Data cover the period 1999-2006. [+]


Quality report of the European Union Labour Force Survey 2005.
The purpose of this quality report is to provide the users of the European Union Labour Market Statistics with a tool for assessing the quality of these statistics which are based on the European Union Labour Force Survey. It provides a brief description of the survey and a summary of the main quality indicators which are: relevance, accuracy, accessibility and clarity, timeliness and punctuality, comparability, and coherence. The quality report is updated annually. [+]
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Labour force survey in the EU, Candidate and EFTA Countries - Main characteristics of the national surveys 2005.
This publication presents the methodological framework of the Labour Force Surveys in the EU, Candidate and EFTA Countries in 2005. Information is provided on the history and background of the surveys, the sample design and rotation pattern, the weighting procedure and methods of data collection. [+]
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Estadísticas culturales 2007

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Cultural statistics - 2007 edition.
The aim of this pocketbook is to set out the main cultural statistics comparable at European level. Selected tables and graphs describe different areas of the cultural field for the 27 EU Member States, the candidate countries and the EFTA countries: cultural heritage, cultural employment, enterprises in certain cultural sectors - publishing, architectural activities and cinema, external trade in cultural goods, households cultural expenditure, cultural participation and time spent on cultural activities. The book, which is the first of its kind, is intentionally modest in scope and does not claim to be exhaustive. A short commentary on the data and methodological notes complete this initial snapshot of cultural statistics, mainly based on the findings of existing harmonised surveys and former work carried out within the European Statistical System. [+]
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Winter season tourism trends 2006-2007.
Data in focus. Population and social conditions, Industry, trade and services 20/2007.
The annual Data in Focus "Winter season tourism trends" provides information on the number of nights spent in hotels and similar establishments in the EU and EFTA countries and on the net occupancy of these establishments during the winter months (from November to April). [+]
Community Innovation Statistics. Fourth Community Innovation Survey (CIS 4) and European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) 2006.
Statistics in focus. Science and technology 116/2007.
This publication first outlines the overall results of the EIS 2006, and then takes a closer look at each of the seven indicators. Seven of the 25 indicators analysed in the EIS 2006 are based on data from the Community Innovation Survey (CIS). The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) is a statistical instrument developed by the European Commission to evaluate the innovation efforts undertaken by the EU Member States and to make them comparable. [+]
Average loads, distances and empty running in road freight transport 2005
Statistics in focus. Transport 117/2007.
This publication on road freight transport focuses on the average vehicle load and on average distances of goods loaded and unloaded in NUTS-1 regions. The average vehicle load is analysed by national and international transport and also broken down by load capacity of the vehicle and by distance class. Finally, empty running of vehicles is analysed as well. [+]
FDI flows with the rest of the world continued to increase in 2006.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 115/2007
This short article presents data for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows of the EU-25, detailed by main partner country or zone. In 2006, EU-25 FDI in extra-EU25 countries (outflows) were EUR 202 billion, 9% higher than in 2005 (EUR 186 billion). FDI inflows from extra-EU25 increased from EUR 94 billion in 2005 to EUR 145 billion in 2006, an increase of 54%. The USA was both the most important destination and investor country in 2006. In 2006, intra-EU FDI flows amounted to EUR 396 billion, a decrease of 6% from 2005. [+]
2007 Key data on higher education in Europe. 2007 edition.
How does one gain access to the various courses of study in higher education? What proportions of students are enrolled in the public and private sectors? Who is enrolled in educational provision at this level and in what types of programme and fields of study? What is the situation regarding doctoral students? What are the levels of public and private investment in higher education? What contributions are students asked to pay and what types of support do they receive? What percentage of students study abroad and how far is this kind of mobility facilitated? What is the distribution of graduates by age, sex, type of course and study programme? The first edition of this subject-based volume of Key Data on higher education provides some insight into these and other questions. [+]
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