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European electricity market indicators of the liberalisation process 2005-2006.
Statistics in focus. Environment and energy 88/2007.
The publication on indicators of the liberalisation process in the electricity market of the EU and Norway gives details of the degree of market opening in October 2006, an overview of the electricity market structure as well as of imports and exports in each country in 2005. [+]
Innovative enterprises and the use of patents and other intellectual property rights.
Statistics in focus. Science and technology 91/2007.
Intellectual property rights (IPR) are the link between innovation, inventions and other intellectual creations and the market. Innovative enterprises tend to make more use of intellectual property (IP) protection. Both enterprise size and economic sector play an important role in whether a firm chooses to protect its intellectual property. In Europe, there is no marked trend over time in the use of protection methods but rather a complex pattern of change in each country and for each method. [+]
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Estadísticas agrícolas 2005-2006

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Agriculture. Main statistics 2005-2006
The pocketbook Agricultural Statistics presents selected tables and graphs providing an overview on developments and the situation in the agricultural sector of the European Union. The most recent data are presented here (reference years 2005 and 2006, mostly) showing the situation in the 27 Member States and at the European level (EU-27 and EU-25 aggregates). More particularly, this edition provides a good insight into the complete results of the Farm Structure Survey conducted in 2005. Country reports were published regularly on the Eurostat website under the form of 'Statistics in Focus' as soon as the data were available at Eurostat. This publication is the only one showing the results at the European level. [+]

Eating, drinking, smoking ?. Comparative price levels in 37 European countries for 2006.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 90/2007.
This Statistics in Focus presents price level indices for eating, drinking and smoking for 37 European countries in 2006. Total price levels vary between more than 70% above the EU average for Norway and more than 40% below the EU average in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria. [+]
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Comparative price levels for investment goods in 33 European countries for 2005.
Statistics in focus. Economy and finance 109/2007.
This SIF shows the investment goods price levels for the 27 Member States, the candidate countries Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey and the 3 EFTA countries Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, on the base of a survey on equipment goods carried out in 2005. [+]
Recommendations Manual on the Production of Foreign AffiliaTes Statistics.
The Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EC) on the structure and activity of foreign affiliates as the regulatory framework for the provision of foreign affiliates statistics (FATS) will enter into force in 2007. The Regulation will make sure that in future harmonised inward and outward FATS data will be available. This EUROSTAT FATS recommendations manual, as called for in article 7 of the regulation, will play a crucial role in the compilation process. It provides the definitions and guidelines for national compilers which are the indispensable precondition for obtaining FATS which can be added together to produce meaningful EU-wide aggregates. To make sure that the manual is not only in line with the rules in the FATS Regulation but also meets the needs and realities national compilers face in practice, it has been thoroughly discussed in various meetings of the FATS joint working group. [+]
Statistical requirements compendium.
This yearly publication serves as a reference document for the acquis communautaire in statistics. The new compendium intends as its predecessors to indicate the reference information for the European statistical production. The structure follows the Community Statistical Programme in its current version (2003-2007), which is sub-divided by chapters, sub-chapters, themes and modules. Each module includes description of statistical subjects, key priorities for 2007, legal basis, data requirements, methodology and international cooperation issues. [+]
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Principales áreas de cultivo 2007

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Main crop areas in the European Union in 2007.
Statistics in focus. Agriculture and fisheries 86/2007.

According to Eurostat estimates and the estimates submitted by the Member States in early June, areas under rapeseed increased strongly (+14% in comparison to 2006, +32% relative the 2002-2006 average) in response to the substantial demand for bio-energy, in particular, bio-diester. Areas under cereals are estimated to increase by 1.5%. In contrast, sugar beet areas continued to decrease (-3%) but at different rates across Member States. [+]
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