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Energy - Yearly statistics 2004.
The first chapter of this yearbook covers the characteristic data of energy economics in recent years. The second chapter gives an overall view of the trends for the principal aggregates, taken from the "energy supplied" balance-sheets of the European Union in tonnes of oil equivalent. The chapters 3-7 give historical series for each energy source for the principal aggregates characterizing the structure of energy economics. All EU-25 Member States are covered, the Accession Countries Bulgaria and Romania, the Candidate countries Croatia and Turkey, as well as the EEA countries Iceland and Norway. [+]

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European Business - Facts and figures - Data 1995-2004.
This is Eurostat's main reference publication on European Business. It gives a comprehensive picture of the structure, development and characteristics of European business and its different activities: from energy and the extractive industries to communications, information services and media. It presents the latest available statistics from a wide selection of statistical sources describing for each activity: production and employment; country specialisation and regional distribution; productivity and profitability; the importance of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs); work-force characteristics; external trade etc. The accompanying CD-ROM presents the paper publication in an easily accessible electronic format, including all the data, graphs and tables in Excel-format. It also contains more complete, detailed datasets on which the publication is based, a means of easily accessing the most up-to-date live data, as well as a large amount of background information. [+]

External and intra-European Union trade - Pocketbook - Data 1999-2004.
The pocketbook on external and intra-European Union trade contains annual time series on trade of the European Union, the Euro-zone and the 25 Member States. In particular, it provides statistics on trade flows between the EU and its main trading partners with a breakdown by major product groups. [+]

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La Salud en Europa en cifras 1998-2003

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Health in Europe - Data 1998-2003.
This pocketbook provides a selection of figures on health and health determinants. It responds to a growing demand of EU health policy for comprehensive, consistent and comparable health data and indicators. A more complete overview of health indicators can be found in the Panorama publication "Key data on health". The present selection in pocketbook format focuses on some core items. [+]

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