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Innovation and globalisation effects in European banks.
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 47/2007.

This publication shows how credit institutions in Europe, and banks in particular, are organizing their activities in view of modernized infrastructure options and growing globalization effects. It also gives the most recent available figures on the assets of credit institutions – in some Member States, they exceed the national GDP. [+]

Environmental taxes in the European economy 1995-2003.
Statistics in focus. Environment and energy 1/2007.

This Statistics in Focus describes for the first time who, in the European economy, are paying for environmental taxes (transport and energy taxes). These results stem from the first round of questionnaire that was sent out to European countries as one step of following the European Strategy for Environmental Accounts. [+]

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Pasajeros ferrocarril 2004-2006

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Passenger transport by rail in 2004-2005.
Statistics in focus. Transport 12/2007.

This publication is based on the passenger transport statistics reported according to the Regulation 91/2003. Analyses are focused on developments in different Member States in national and international rail passenger transport. Passenger statistics are also used to calculate a few comparative indicators. [+]

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Turismo por regiones en la Unión Europea

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Regional tourism in the European Union.
Statistics in focus. Industry, trade and services 27/2006.

This publication focuses on the regional aspects of tourism in the Member States of the European Union. It describes the volume and the structure of the accommodation capacities as well as their use at the level of the NUTS 2 regions in the EU. Information is given on the different relative incidence of tourism in the various regions. [+]

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Industria manufacturera 1995-2003

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Manufacturing industry 1995-2003.
Statistics in focus. Environment and energy 16/2006.

This Statistics in Focus describes and interlinks greenhouse gases emissions with economic and structural statistics in the EU15, Poland and Norway by industry. The focus of this publication concerns the manufacturing industry and its sub-sections within the National Accounting Matrix including Environmental Accounts (NAMEA). The data source is stemming from the national accounts, and questionnaires managed by Eurostat Environment statistics unit. [+]

Statistical portrait of the European Union 2007.
50 years of the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community.

This brochure is published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community (EEC), which occurs on 25 March 2007. It presents a collection of statistical indicators relating to the different areas covered by the preamble to the treaty, tracing the evolution of the European Community over the last five decades. Each of the eight points covered by the preamble to the Treaty is covered in this publication with a short summary of policy developments and a description of the accompanying statistics. In addition, three other sections have been added to the publication, in relation to the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), Euratom and Amsterdam Treaties, with information on coal and steel, energy, and education and lifelong learning opportunities. [+]

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Metodología paridades de poderes de compra

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Methodological manual on purchasing power parities.
Eurostat-OECD Methodological manual on purchasing power parities Eurostat, the OECD and 47 participating countries work together in establishing purchasing power parities, or PPPs, in order to compare the price and volume levels of the GDPs. This programme is called the Eurostat-OECD PPP Programme and the methodological manual provides a detailed description of it. The manual has three aims: first, to explain to practitioners in Eurostat, the OECD and the national statistical institutes how PPPs are compiled; second, to enable practitioners to advise on the use and interpretation of results to users; and third, to provide a point of reference accessible to teachers, students and other members of the general public interested in PPPs and related statistics. The manual has been jointly produced by the OECD, Eurostat and the members of a Manual Taskforce with delegates from 5 participating countries. The electronic version of the manual is made available on both the OECD and Eurostat websites. [+]

Energy, Transport and Environment Indicators.
The multi-thematic pocketbook titled Energy, Transport and Environment Indicators comprises a broad set of data collected by Eurostat and the European Environment Agency. The objective of this publication is to provide an overview of the most relevant indicators on energy, transport and environment, with particular focus on sustainable development. It presents data for the EU Member States as well as for the candidate countries and EFTA countries. [+]

Gas and electricity market statistics - Data 1990-2006.
This is a new upgraded Eurostat publication which substitutes the previous publications Energy prices, Gas prices and Electricity prices and gives an overall quantitative overview of the evolution especially of the liberalised gas and electricity markets. This new publication consists of a classical paper part and an accompanying CD-ROM, where time-series of relevant data, tables, older relevant publications in pdf format, legal acts etc. and other added-value features are included. It is enriched with illustrative texts and graphs, analyses referring to trends and data and provides basic quantitative information on gas and electricity prices, as well as on structures for gas and electricity existing in each country. It also includes statistical information on selected indicators. Reporting countries are all 25 Member States and Norway. Limited information is also given for the Candidate Countries. [+]

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EL Mediterráneo en el año 2020

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The Mediterranean in 2020.
Statistics in focus. Environment and energy15/2006.

This Statistics in Focus aims at giving a first answer to the statistical needs expressed within the Horizon 2020 initiative, recently launched by the European Commission whose objective is to de pollute the Mediterranean by 2020. This issue defines the current statistical coverage with its limits for the three key topics of Horizon 2020, which are urban waste, urban wastewater and industrial emissions. Finally, it attempts to identify a set of tracks which could potentially contribute to the enhancement of the production of official statistics, as well as of the service to the users, such as Horizon 2020 initiative. [+]

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