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Gas and electricity market statistics - Data 1990-2006.
This is a new upgraded Eurostat publication which substitutes the previous publications Energy prices, Gas prices and Electricity prices and gives an overall quantitative overview of the evolution especially of the liberalised gas and electricity markets. This new publication consists of a classical paper part and an accompanying CD-ROM, where time-series of relevant data, tables, older relevant publications in pdf format, legal acts etc. and other added-value features are included. It is enriched with illustrative texts and graphs, analyses referring to trends and data and provides basic quantitative information on gas and electricity prices, as well as on structures for gas and electricity existing in each country. It also includes statistical information on selected indicators. Reporting countries are all 25 Member States and Norway. Limited information is also given for the Candidate Countries. [+]

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EL Mediterráneo en el año 2020

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The Mediterranean in 2020.
Statistics in focus. Environment and energy15/2006.

This Statistics in Focus aims at giving a first answer to the statistical needs expressed within the Horizon 2020 initiative, recently launched by the European Commission whose objective is to de pollute the Mediterranean by 2020. This issue defines the current statistical coverage with its limits for the three key topics of Horizon 2020, which are urban waste, urban wastewater and industrial emissions. Finally, it attempts to identify a set of tracks which could potentially contribute to the enhancement of the production of official statistics, as well as of the service to the users, such as Horizon 2020 initiative. [+]

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Población europea 2006

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Population statistics. 2006 Edition.
The publication provides statistical information on all major demographical aspects in the EU: Population change, population composition, fertility, mortality, international migration, nuptiality, population projections, regional data. Next to the tables, it contains explanatory texts, graphs and maps. The paper version includes a CD-ROM (English/French/German). [+]

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Science, technology and innovation in Europe. 2006 Edition.
In the context of the conclusions of the Council meetings of Lisbon in 2000 and Barcelona in 2002, relevant and meaningful indicators on Science, Technology and Innovation are paramount in informing policy-makers as to where Europe stands in moving towards more knowledge and growth. This information is also necessary to better gauge how Europe is evolving, compared with the United States, Japan, China, the Russian Federation and other main economies. The statistics and indicators presented in this publication report on Europe's recent performance on R&D, innovation, high-tech industries and knowledge-based services, patenting and human resources in science and technology. [+]

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Anuario comercio exterior 1958-2005

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External and intra-European Union trade - Statistical yearbook - Data 1958-2005.
The yearbook on external and intra-European Union trade provides data on long-term trends in the trade of the European Union and its Member States. In particular, it contains annual statistics on the trade flows of the EU with its main trading partners on the one hand and between the Member States on the other. These statistics are broken down by major product groups. The publication also includes extra chapters on the trade of candidate countries and EFTA members. The publication also includes extra chapters on the trade of candidate countries and EFTA members. [+]

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Huella ecológica y biocapacidad

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Ecological Footprint and Biocapacity: The world's ability to regenerate resources and absorb waste in a limited time period.
The Ecological Footprint (EF) is one part of a renewable resource accounting tool that is used to address the underlying issue of sustainable consumption. It measures the extent to which humanity is using nature's resources faster than what can be regenerated. A brief review of the strengths and shortcomings of the model is provided. Additionally, some other tools measuring sustainable development are presented. [+]

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Anuario Estadísticas Regionales 2006

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Regions: Statistical yearbook 2006.
The 2006 edition of Regions: Statistical yearbook covers the 254 regions of the 25 EU Member States, defined by level 2 of the Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS 2003), and the 14 statistical regions in the candidate countries Bulgaria and Romania. The publication contains chapters on population, GDP, household accounts, labour market, labour productivity, urban statistics, science, technology and innovation, structural business statistics, health, transport and agriculture. New this year is the chapter on labour productivity. The regional diversity of Europe is shown in the form of maps and graphs, commented by texts. A CD-ROM contains the data series used to draw the maps, the PDF versions of each of the three language editions of the yearbook and documentation on the NUTS 2003 nomenclature.

European Union foreign direct investment - Yearbook 2006 - Data 1999-2004.
Foreign direct investment (FDI) plays a key role in the globalisation process and is an important element affecting international relations. An international investment is classified as FDI when at least 10% of the capital of the target enterprise is acquired. The publication provides detailed data on EU - FDI for recent years, for both EU FDI abroad and FDI into the EU. It provides an overview of the position of the EU in World FDI and a comparison with the US. For EU FDI abroad, a particular focus is put on EU FDI in emerging countries. Finally, FDI data with major partners are detailed according to the kind of activity in which the investment takes place. Data focus on the EU as whole and, to a lesser extent, on the Member States. [+]

Panorama on tourism. 2006 Edition.

The Panorama is the first edition of this kind of publication on tourism. It consists of tables and graphs with short analysis and includes a CD-ROM containing more detailed tables. This CD-ROM (English/French/German) has been published for several years under the title 'Tourism Statistics Yearbook". The Panorama gives an overview on tourism in Europe and describes what tourism is about in the EU Member States, Candidate and EFTA countries. It focuses on general facts in tourism that remain stable over time. This includes recent trends, the tourism behaviour of Europeans and details on tourism in the EU countries. The period from 2000 to 2004 and the year 1995 are covered. [+]

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